Grampstr's Endeavour... is BORN!

I had a hard time concentrating on any other boat after meeting Bob in Clearwater. After that excursion in April, the 40 ft TC was the only boat on my mind. With some unexpected life changes in May {just a month later} I suggested to Jennifer that buying sooner may be a better option for us. It did not hurt that interest rates were still at all-time lows and I had found an amazing manufacturer with Endeavour Catarmaran.

With some discussion {and maybe a little persuasion} Jennifer and I decided to visit Florida on June 11, 2011. We met with Bob Vincent and his wife, Alice, for a two day sea trial of the 40 ft TC at their boat yard in St. Petersburg, Florida. On the first leg of the trip the true salesman swam out to meet us – two dolphins {almost a dream} swam along with us on our maiden voyage. According to Bob, the dolphins like the haul design of the 40 ft and they come over to swim all of the time. For some reason they do not see it on other model boats like the 38 ft, 44 ft, or the 48 ft.

By the time we docked back in the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, I was talking to Bob about a possible charter business using the 40 ft TC, which included offering a Power Cat training school using his captain and possibly the Sea Sense folks we met back in 2007.

He was interested.

That evening Jennifer and I were sitting on the bow outside the upper pilot house and she said, “Joe this is the nicest boat we have been on!” The rest was history {and working out lots of details!} On June 13th, exactly 29 years to the day that I asked Jennifer to marry me, we signed the contract on our new endeavor and my life long dream.  As we discussed the possible names for her, Jennifer reminded me that our grandkids call me Grampster. In that moment the Grampstr’s Endeavour was born.

The next chapters in our lives are going to be an incredible journey and we cannot be more excited!