Shop Keeping Announcement: Grampstr's Endeavour has NEW amenities!

Like any major purchase in life, signing the contract does not mean all business is final. In fact, in the three months after we signed the contract {June 13, 2011} we made some minor changes to the Grampstr’s Endeavour. First, on June 23rd, we signed a long term agreement with Endeavour Catamaran that the Grampstr’s Endeavour would be based out of their St. Petersburg boat yard from October to May of each year. During that period of time, they will handle all of the maintenance the boat needs and will offer charters – captained by them.

In addition to that major arrangement, we also reached an agreement with Sea Sense on July 24th, 2011. Sea Sense will be the captained charter of choice for Grampst’s Endeavour.

A fairly big cosmetic change we made in August included removing a portion of the seatee in the saloon area so that we could put in some book shelves and a couple of recliners. We believe this makes the boat more accommodating and comfortable.

Finally, in August we also added the following safety options and electronics to the already full featured Gramsptr’s Endeavour:

  1. HD Direct TV
  2. 40 inch HD TV to the saloon
  3. 26 inch HD TV in the master stateroom
  4. 22 inch HD TV and DVD player to the guest statement room
  5. Raymarine Man overboard system with wrist bands
  6. Raymarine weather and Serius Radio
  7. Marthon weather station and wind monitoring system
  8. Spot GPS tracking system

We believe these business ventures and important additions to Grampstr’s Endeavour will provide our guests – chartered or otherwise – a sense of the comfort they have at home.

Stay tuned to hear about Grampstr’s Inaugural Trip North