The Grampstr's Maiden Voyage

Grampstr’s Inaugural trip north was a huge success. The journey to get here was a long road, but well worth it. The trip started on September 1, 2011. In the days prior to the trip, the Grampstr’s had a complete service, bottom pain, some major electronic additions and minor interior design changes. Each of these changes was worked out in the days prior to our trip North – the boat looked beautiful. The journey began in St. Petersburg, Florida with a final destination to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. There she would be showcased for two of the largest boat shows on the east coast.

The First Leg: September 1st through September 8th

When we finally mapped out our journey for the first leg of the trip, and it looked a little something like this: St. Petersburg to Fort Meyers; Fort Meyers up through the center of Florida, docking in Okauchee Lake, Florida. Finally, from Okauchee Lake, Florida we would make our way up to Stuart, Florida to St. Augustine, Florida. The first leg of our journey was under the helm of Captain Ron Vincent, a person integral in our inaugural trip.

The Second Leg: September 9th through September 18th

On the evening of September 9th, Jennifer and I met Bob and Alice Vincent. Bob and Alice took over the helm for the next leg of the trip. This was our first real learning experience with managing and running the Grampstr’s Endeavour. This is important because the Grampstr’s Endeavour will be making biannual trips from Florida to the Chesapeake Bay and back each year. We thought it would be fairly important to understand how to manage and run our beauty so we can successful transition into each of our harbors.

One of the biggest surprises came during this part of our journey – we instantly realized how quiet the cabins were. With two couples on board, we were very surprised that we could not hear anybody else on the boat. Thank you adequately insulated cabins!

September 10th, 2011: Surprises Around Every Corner

On September 10th, we cast out at a little after 8am for a full day of boating as we moved north. We decided to take advantage of the 3 ft seas and go up the Atlantic Ocean. We ran approximately 110 miles to St. Simons Island, Georgia. This is where we picked up some fuel and water. We were quite surprised when we found out that we had actually run 110 miles. Not only that we used less than 3.5 gallons of gas an hour with the cabin closed and the air conditioning running. That is EXCITING news!

Another great surprise was how well she glided through the seas with minimum roll – you could not even tell you were in the ocean!

The Third Leg: September 11th through September 17th

Each day we found our way up in the inland water way accompanied by dolphins playing and dancing with our haul. It was a delight watching them and we are positive all of our charters will love the experience, too. One of our goals during this expedition North was learning how to handle, manage and run this boat, but what’s the point of having a beautiful boat without having some fun. So in moments of down time we really enjoyed using the remote controller to run the boat from the bow as we sat in the lawn chairs, catching up on good conversation and getting to know our new friends, Bob and Alice.

It’s quite the life.

However, while it is nice to have some downtime, we were there for business too; who wants to own a boat without understanding how to manage it, right? Bob and Alice were great about teaching us lots of things. Our training course covered navigation, maintenance and handling various boats coming the other directions. In moments of learning, it was great to look up to see another Endeavour power cat or sail out in the open waters running with us. We would honk our horns! If you see the Grampstr’s out there, don’t forget to toot, toot, toot at us! We’re friendly!

One of the biggest concerns we had was where to stop as we rounded closer to the 18th. Jennifer and I had to get back home to our more professional lives {you know, so we can afford to keep the boat}. Luckily for us the weather and the Grampstr’s cooperated with us and we were able to continue moving north. We decided to stop at New River, North Carolina, approximately 40 miles from Jacksonville, North Carolina and an airport there.

The winds were blowing between 21 and 25 knots on our last day at sea. It was absolutely amazing, especially if you consider this - inside the Grampstr’s, you would have never known the wind was blowing that hard! That was another great surprise! You could not hear the wind or tell from the helm that the winds were blowing at all. All the while, the auto pilot us on track; so the only way you knew the wind was gusting was to step outside to feel it. We’re proud to announce the Grampstr’s handles very well!

That evening we topped off the fuel and water supply; we realized we had used just about 3 gallons/hour for the trip, at an average speed of 10 miles/hour. That meant we used about $14.00/hour in fuel costs, which was much less than my anticipated goal of $25.00/hour. This revelation was a pleasant ending to a wonderful 8 days on our learning/maiden voyage!

September 18th, 2011: Departure Date

It was time to bid our farewells. Jennifer and I needed to get back home, while Bob and Alice had to get back to the office. Enter: Captain Woody. Woody is part of the Endeavour staff and would take the Grampstr’s Endeavour the final leg to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. After Bob and Alice dropped us off at the Jacksonville, North Carolina airport, Jennifer and I started brainstorming ideas for marketing the Grampstr’s Endeavour at the upcoming boat shows!

The Final Leg: September 18th through October 7th

Captain Woody completed the last leg with no difficulties. In the days prior to the boat shows, the Grampstr was pampered: she got a wash and wax to prettier her up so she could sparkle and shine for the shows. 

Remember, this incredible Catamaran is available for charter 52 weeks out of the year. A professional captain will be aboard to help you learn the ropes and help you enjoy your experience! We look forward to seeing you soon!