Grampstr's on the Move: Spring Transition Charter!

The Grampstr’s is on the move again! Starting Friday, April 27, 2012 Grampstr’s Endeavour begins the first of four legs on its Spring Transition Charter. We would love for you to follow our adventures, you can do this by observing our website. The Grampstr’s will be using the SPOT HUG State-Of-The-Art satellite technology tracking system. SPOT HUG will be monitoring our position, even from remote areas beyond cellular coverage.


SPOT HUG is an excellent GPS system will not only inform our audience, but also keeps us in touch with emergency assistance by Boat USA and the United States Coast Guard. This allows everybody on board the luxury of home with the security and safety we all desire at home and on the water.


Grampstr’s Endevour starts its first leg in St. Petersburg and travels up the coast to St. Augustine through Lake Okeechobee and the locks. You will be able to track us in real time by clicking on the Track the Grampstr’s picture on the top right hand side of our website. Follow us daily as we share our experience of this transition charter!