May 2, 2012: Hutchinson Island, Florida

The Grampstr’s spent quite a day at the Hutchinson Island Marriott Beach Resort & Marina. Oh yes, it is a tough life, but somebody has to do it! Honestly, we did have to wait out a tropical storm – we woke up to winds that were blowing 30 miles per hour and rain. So it was best that we waited out the storm. It’s always better to be safer than it is to be stuck in the middle of a storm. Plus we were not going to complain about being stuck in such a beautiful place. The marina itself was located on Hutchinson Island. By the afternoon the weather had cleared up and the evening was clear and we enjoyed 79 degrees weather!

So yesterday we spent the day washing and cleaning the salt off of the Grampstr’s and spot waxing it! We want to make sure the Grampstr’s Endeavour is in ship shape as we meet our other charter partner – SeaSense- in St. Augustine for the next two legs of the transition to the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Not to mention, we want to make sure the Grampstr’s is ready for her summer home the Anchorage Marina in the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

We will continue our journey to St. Augustine, which is the end of the first leg, on Thursday morning. The weather looks good for the rest of the week and we plan to arrive on Friday!

For more information about Hutchinson Island, Florida, check out this website