Chesapeake Bay!

We made it to Maryland! We were so engulfed with the majesty of this place that we almost forgot to catch you all up on our adventures. So we’re finally taking a couple minutes to tell you how beautiful the Chesapeake Bay is in May! If you have an opportunity to get away to the Chesapeake, you definitely should! 

We met up with the Grampstr's Endeavour in Norfolk Va, on a rainy Sunday afternoon! We spent Sunday afternoon provisioning and getting ready for our week!

The Grampstr’s will be a busy vessel in the days to come. Check out our itinerary:

  • Monday Yorktown, Va this is where the Revolutionary war ended!
  • Wednesday: Smith Island, Va where they still speak old English! We hope to dock early
  • Thursday and Friday we are going to be in the Solomon Island, Md area practicing docking and anchoring out for an evening or two!
  • Saturday ending up at our new summer home Anchorage Marina, Baltimore Inner Harbor!

What a wonderful life spending time in the historical Bay Area following the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812!


We hope to see you there!