May 8, 2012: Simmons Island, Georgia

The Grampstr’s Endeavour spent a quiet weekend in St. Augustine. We prepared for our new charter clients and modified our crew a bit. Under Captain Pattie Moore, of SeaSense, the Grampstr’s left St. Augustine and started our next leg of our journey. This next leg of the journey started in St. Augustine and finishes up at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

Yesterday we made the trip up to Simmons Island, Georgia. If you have been tracking us you will see last evening we spent our first night on the hook! It is a perfect way to spend an evening during this transition leg. If the weather is as cool as it was last evening, we will not need air conditioning. The Grampstr’s Endeavour uses its house batteries and the stored energy received from the solar array that we have installed on the roof of the pilots cabin!

If you’re interested in more information on St. Simons Island, Georgia, check out this website