Boca Raton to Coral Ridge

On 22 October, we left Boca Raton for a short three hour trip to the Coral Ridge Yacht Club in Ft. Lauderdale.  It was mostly cloudy with winds at 5 miles an hour from the NE.  Because the seas were so calm we decided to go out side to the Atlantic Ocean instead of though the Inland Water way.

This is one of the great things we love about the Grampstr's Pride, and Endeavour TrawlerCats you never have to worry about staying coastal!  We went about three miles out to sea and cruised at a comfortable 10 miles and hour using 5.1 Gallons of fuel per hour.

It was a beautiful day out on the ocean and we are certainly glad to have been able to go out to sea.

We hope you will charter with us soon to enjoy this wonderful lifestyle with us.