Lake Okeechobee and the Okeechobee Canal

After the Ft Lauderdale show in October we originally planned to travel down though the keys and around the Florida Peninsula but because of weather we had to change our itinerary and went back to St. Petersburg the same way we came.

Although he Grampstr's Pride could have handled the weather we have learned though experience that it's better to be comfortable.  The weather reports indicated high and rough seas so we decide to make the change.

One of the most interesting parts of our Journey is Lake Okeechobee and the Okeechobee Canal.  If you did not know, this is one of the few operating canals in North America and part of the Inland water passage. We take this passage several times a year to traverse from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean and back.


As one of the only working canals we find it fun to go though the locks and the work associated with the coordination of raising the locks and water level.  There are five locks on the Okeechobee Waterway; listed from east to west they are the St Lucie Lock, the Port Mayaca Lock, the Moore Haven Lock, the Ortona Lock, and the W.P. Franklin Lock.  Traversing this waterway definitely saves us time as our home port is in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

We really enjoyed our trip through the locks and the Lake this time we hope to see out there swoon.