As Summer Turns to Fall it must be time for Transition

Well, we had a great time this summer here in the Chesapeake Bay and have spent many nights aboard the Grampstr's Pride.  As the the fall approached we were thrilled to attend the 2016 Bay Bridge Trawlerfest.

Originally we had planned to head South on our transition cruise this week but Hurricane Matthew and some terrible weather had a different idea.  We decided to that it was better safe then sorry and delayed our trip south until early November.  So there is still time to charter with us on our trip south. Nonetheless, we thought we would take a couple of minutes to just outline our planned trip.

Typically we travel four legs starting from the Chesapeake Bay Down to Tampa Bay.  But this trip we decided that we would wait until later in the spring to over to Tampa and will be spending some time near Daytona.  So we will travel the fourth leg latter this winter.

The best part about the transition over the change of seasons is the beautiful scenery.  We are really looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful foliage all the way down he coast.