Spring Transition 2016: Travel Across Florida

Grampstr's Pride took a leisurely crossing of the state of Florida. The first portion of the journey focused on the treasures of Sarasota: Sarasota Yacht Club, Bird Key Yacht Club, The Field Club Yacht Club and Marina Jacks. Each venue has its own charms and distinctions. The city of Sarasota is expansive and diverse. We did not see anywhere that would classify as 'the bad side of town'. The attractions of this community could keep one busy for weeks. It is hard to choose a single favorite because each area has many highlights.
I do have to admit that The Field Club is my overall personal favorite yacht club in Florida. I love the history. I have an affinity to preserved treasures. The entire staff is dedicated to the satisfaction of its members and guests.  Everyone is made to be felt welcome.  The food is outstanding. Join us sometime on the Grampstr's Pride and find out for yourself!