Annapolis, MD is the Port of Departure for Grampstr's Pride

I love history, do you? Our River Cruises take you back in time, as we visit the historical towns of the Chesapeake Bay.  There are many stories in each town, of military intrigue, maritime museums, history tidbits and more! 

Our start in Annapolis, the capital of Maryland. If arrive a day early or stay a day later you can visit some great historical sites from the Naval Academy, state capitol buildings, and great shops and restaurants!

Annapolis is where we start our Week one River Cruise!  What makes our River Cruises unique is we tie our relaxing cruise with history!  Annapolis is known for the US Naval Academy, War of 1812 battles, and the capital of Maryland.  

One interesting tidbit about Annapolis at the beginning of the Civil War President Lincoln ordered Annapolis surrounded by Union Troops and held the legislature from leaving so it could not secede from the union.  If it had, Washington DC would have been surrounded by Virginia and Maryland.  Maryland plantation owners were required to free the slaves. 

Come along with us on this exciting, relaxing trip south!  We depart Annapolis on November 4, 2017.