Ask the Capt: What's a Charter Like?

While making the voyage, we will treat you as part of the crew- you will learn to handle lines, we will spend time learning engine and start up checks, basic navigation, experience in maneuvering and docking, cooking on board, managing fuel costs, and why the trawler life style is a fun and rewarding way to spend time on the water!

Travel Arrangements:  GECCharters can arrange for transportation to and from the airport.

Dress:  Our typical dress is very causal, you will only need comfortable clothes, and shoes, no ties, sport coats or high heels!  This is a fun and relaxed adventure! Where you will be able to do as much or as little as you want.

Costs:   The cost of the charter, including the captain, is $1,000.00 a day plus fuel, marinas and food. Fuel averages about $18.00 per hour at today's rates. GECCharters has a membership with the Florida Yacht Club Council and Marinas, All are first class Marinas, and due to our membership the cost of a night averages approximately $100.00.  Food is really up to you. We consider our clients as family so we usually go to the grocery store together purchase what we want to cook on the boat and split the costs. The remaining food costs depends if we cook on the boat or go to the yacht club or near by restaurants for dinner.  The Yacht Clubs where we are staying usually have great food and reasonably priced. 

5 day charter is $5,000, estimated fuel costs $720.00 (40 hrs@18.00) and Marinas approximately $400.00.  Of course this is an estimate, actual costs could be lower if we stay at anchor or eat in. Our charter accommodates 4 adults plus crew. 

Example 5 Day Itinerary:

We have worked out a great 5 day charter leaving from St. Petersburg. We visit some interesting locations where you can shop and enjoy the day with some fun shopping locations you might enjoy!  Here is the great thing - you are able to choose your adventure with this one.  By planning ahead we can discuss where you want to go and what you want to do.  Operating in the fall and summer in and around the Chesapeake and in the winter and spring around Florida.  We know this will be an adventure that will last you a lifetime.

Monday:  Arrive in the morning, meet and greet, get settled for the 5 days. We will visit  the grocery store and choose the food for the charter and split the costs.  We will the head off for our first stop a short 1 hour trip to the St Petersburg Pass-A-Grille Beach and Yacht Club, just a short walk to old Florida small shops, the St. Petersburg beach and a beautiful sunset on the Gulf of Mexico.

Tuesday: Leave and go north through the inter coastal waterway to Tarpon Springs, Florida a quaint Florida town known for its sponge harvest, neat shops and great restaurants.  

Wednesday: Leave for a trip south, weather permitting, by way of the Gulf of Mexico. If the weather does not cooperate we will travel the southern route of the Inter Coastal Water Way to Bird Key Yacht Club, Sarasota, Florida.  Where you can explore the beach and enjoy a fantastic dinner at the  Yacht Club. 

Thursday: We will be taking a short trip to the other end of Bird Key Island to the Sarasota Yacht Club and a short walk to St. Armands Circle, where the streets are lined with great high end and  bargain shops and Resturants.

Friday: Arrive late afternoon Bid our good byes and start you on the journey home.


Inundated with Updates - Thank you for everyones support

Good day everyone!  Thank so much for all of your support, as of today we have about 90 Facebook likes and are growing.  Our blogs are more successful than ever and based on the short term success of the website we have been taking the opportunity to make several updates.  It is our goal to make our website a resource of information for you.

In the coming days we will launch a new mission page and testimonials page.  We are also hoping to have a new updated calendar up and ready.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on our website now is the time to tell us.  We are always looking for ways to improve.

We hope you will contact us soon for a charter too.

Adventures to Come 18 Oct 14 - 3 November 14

After a great charter we said goodbye to our clients on the morning and now have about a Month of adventures. 

  • Between 18 - 21 October:  we traveled though the Okeechobee Canal that cuts through the center of Florida.  This little 3 day jaunt is one of the most interesting the southern US has to offer.  Not only for the wildlife and beauty but the opportunity to travel though an active working canal.  The 152-mile Okeechobee Waterway has 5 Locks that lift boats from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic.
  • From there on 22 October we stayed at the Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club, Boca Raton, FL.  The Royal Palm Yacht Club is absolutely gorgeous and is one of our favorite places to stop.  Actually this year we will be the last boat to stop as they are closing and renovating the entire facility!  We are very excited to see the finished product and stop by again soon.
  • Between the 23-24 October: we will be staying two nights at the Coral Ridge Yacht Club, Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Another beautiful location to stop at while on a Charter this location also has reciprocity with the beautiful Fort Lauderdale Country Club.  The Fort Lauderdale Country club boats year around golfing with 36 holes of golf.  The golf courses at the Fort Lauderdale Country Club are of a traditional layout that will surely test the player of all abilities. Unlike most Florida golf courses, the Fort Lauderdale Country Club's trees, rolling hills, and bunker configurations can mentally place the golfer in the northeast United States. With over 280 acres of just golf, the courses promise challenges, triumphs, and the pure thrill that comes with the game.
  • On 24 October: We will arrive at Fort Lauderdale for the International Boat show.  Due to the size of the show participants are requested to arrive a few days early.
  • On 30 October -3 November: you can come find us at the Fort Lauderdale  International Boat Show,  Fort Lauderdale, FL.  One of the biggest shows of the year!

After the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show we plan to take the Grampstr's Pride down to the Florida Keys!

If you are interested in joining us for any part of our journey contact us and we can see how we can accommodate you.  We would love for you to join us as we go on our adventure. 

It's Trawl'n Time: Itenary Change

After talking to our charter clients and their desire to end in Ft Myers instead of returning to St. Petersburg we adjusted our itinerary for them.  Our Charter journey is taking us from St. Petersburg to Long Boat Key Moorings, Sarasota, then our second stop will be the Venice Yacht Club, Venice, Florida, from there on our third stop we go to the Beautiful South Seas Planation, Sanibel Island, Florida, and on Saturday we reach our clients destination at the lovely Legacy Marina in downtown, Ft Myers, Fl.

With this change in mind we are really excited with our new itinerary.  We always do our best to chart a course that make our clients happy.  This change is really exciting because Fort Myers is beautiful and the change in itinerary will allow us to travel a little further down western Florida.  This charter will be mainly a learning charter and CPT Woody will be providing some great classes about trawler operations.

Today we started at Endeavour Marina at St. Petersburg, FL and traveled all the way down to Long Boat Key, Florida.  It was a beautiful day for a cruise, mostly sunny and calm water.  The day can only be described as beautiful.



The Captain's Blog

As we said on our about page we have two types of blogs. The first:  Adventures. This is all about our travels around Florida.  It encapsulates our favorite part about yachting and the fun parts associated with boating and chartering a beautiful trawler.  The second: The Captain's blog. This will be all about the options available for purchasing a charter, particularly our journey from Grampstr's Endeavour to the Grampstr's Pride.

We will also be discussing the equipment choices associated with the building of Grampstr's pride and all of the fun we had during the process.

Finally, we will also post blogs about different issues that arise with boat ownership.  As we said we want to make this blog a great place for prospective buyers of trawlers.  

We also hope you will take an opportunity to charter with us and learn about the great opportunities and lifestyle yachting has to offer.