3 Feb 2015: Meeting Friends- Heading to Miami


Cruising along the ICW  (intracoastal  waterway) from Venice to Fort Myers at a faster clip makes one realize that this portion of the journey is best enjoyed at a slow pace. The mid Gulf Coast has so much to offer that two weeks just bobbing along is a much more gentle way to stop and poke and enjoy all the quaint gulf towns  and yacht clubs and get the full benefit of soaking up all the positive energy along this coast. Having a individualized custom charter experience allows one to set the pace.

Doing a transition charter, however,  requires staying on course and sticking to a schedule. A transition experience is for learning new skills such as navigating the locks and getting the pace and timing of bridges. Often the captain must make decisions of going open water or protected waterways. There are many factors to consider in making these choices. Yesterday we were able to cruise the ICW in respect of the winds and currents of the time. We almost had no choice to go only open waters due to the closing of the Boca Grande bridge due to construction. That would have meant dealing with rough open seas which requires its own special considerations. The bridge changed closure dates caused by their own setbacks which gave us the desired option of running the ICW.

Our port of call for the evening was the St Charles Yacht Club in Fort Myers. We were heartily welcomed there and enjoyed a scrumptious dinner with some snowbird friends from Pennsylvania/Cape Coral.


Awesome Show - Ft Lauderdale 2014


For the most part the weather for the Fort Lauderdale 2014 show was absolutely amazing and the boats from small, medium, and large were amazing.  We are so glad that we made the trip down to see everyone.

Our original plan was to go from Fort Lauderdale back to St Petersburg by way of the Bahamas.  But with boating, comfort is an extremely important luxury and need. As many of you know, one thing that can effect comfort more than anything is weather.  Unfortunately, this week the weather in the Atlantic and southern tip of Florida was not "fair sea" weather.  The reports of 8-10ft sea swells and high winds made us decide to change our plans and go back though the Okeechobee Canal and north bound to the Endeavour Marina.   Nonetheless, we are excited! It is always fun to go for a boat ride and the Grampstr's Pride is just a wonderful boat. She really is a condo on the water!

As we travel we hope to post some great pictures of our journey!


Baltimore Inner Harbor, Annapolis Boat Show, Housekeeping

October 5th through October 9th: Passage Maker Trawlerfest, Baltimore Inner Harbor, Maryland

Our banner arrived showing our partnership with Endeavour and SeaSense. We were also able to debut our new logo! During this time Patty and Carol from SeaSense completed a tour of the Grampstr’s Endeavour and came away favorably impressed.

During this show, we had over 100 people per day pass through the boat, which means we gave out many brochures and spoke to many trawler enthusiasts! Like us, some of these people expressed that buying a boat was in their 5 year plan, which that was an obvious and instant connection for us. I was able to speak with them about my plan to buy this boat and how I successfully did so. However, the beauty of the situation was simple: Grampstr’s Endeavour could offer people with 5 year plans an opportunity to charter a boat they planned to buy in the future. This would give them the chance to get a feel for the boat, how to manage it and experience the luxury of it all. It is sort of an incentive for them to continue to work hard and plan smartly so they can purchase one in the future.

October 10th and October 11th: A Little Downtime

Before the Annapolis boat show, the Grampstr spent a couple of days in the Bay Bridge Marina, where she got another wash, wax and clean so she would sparkle and shine at the next boat show.

October 12th through October 16th: Annapolis Boat Show

The Annapolis Boat Show started off a little rocky – literally. The first couple of days were filled with wind and rain; this made for crazy experiences being docked in the temporary floating piers. Because of that we only had about 50 brave souls come through each day. However, the clouds parted and the sun peeked through for the weekend. It must have been the beautiful weather that brought a ton of people to the show because we averaged about 300 people per day from Friday to Sunday. It was so much fun talking and meeting with people. In fact, we ran out of brochures, but we made up for it in verbal communication. It was exciting talking with all of the great folks at the Annapolis show. We left having a lot of prospective interest and new friends.

October 17th through November 3rd: The Journey to Florida

The Grampstr’s Endeavour headed back to her winter home in St. Petersburg, Florida under the helm of Bob and Alice Vincent! Our only regret is that we could not join them.

November 11th through November 13th: Housekeeping

Jennifer flew down to St. Petersburg to spend a few days aboard the Grampstr. During that time she replaced the bedding, sheets and pillows so the boat could be charted with fresh and clean amenities.

Currently we look forward to partnering with a St. Petersburg, Florida hotel to do day charters.

If you're interested in a week long captained charter, please contact us. The Grampstr's Endeavour is available for charter 52 weeks a year, with a professional captain ready to help you enjoy the experience and learn the ropes.