Spring Transition 2016: Georgetown, SC

Giant oaks spreading their limbs across the avenue. Resurrection fern gracing the branches budding happily as moisture graces the land. Moss covering the gnarly roots of the oaks working in unison with nature.....this is what you experience as you stroll the streets and avenues of this history rich community of Georgetown. Mansions built with the gains of plantation owners; Subtle yet sophisticated. A community with a sense of pride and a commitment to preserving its past. Southern feel. Hospitality and welcome to day trippers and comfortable dockage by day, week, month or stay in the community for long term live-aboards. You won't find any chain stores or franchise restaurants or shops here. This is a community of proud local businesses. They treat you as a welcome guest weather you are a local or a visitor.
Georgetown, South Carolina is worth a visit!

3 Feb 2015: Meeting Friends- Heading to Miami


Cruising along the ICW  (intracoastal  waterway) from Venice to Fort Myers at a faster clip makes one realize that this portion of the journey is best enjoyed at a slow pace. The mid Gulf Coast has so much to offer that two weeks just bobbing along is a much more gentle way to stop and poke and enjoy all the quaint gulf towns  and yacht clubs and get the full benefit of soaking up all the positive energy along this coast. Having a individualized custom charter experience allows one to set the pace.

Doing a transition charter, however,  requires staying on course and sticking to a schedule. A transition experience is for learning new skills such as navigating the locks and getting the pace and timing of bridges. Often the captain must make decisions of going open water or protected waterways. There are many factors to consider in making these choices. Yesterday we were able to cruise the ICW in respect of the winds and currents of the time. We almost had no choice to go only open waters due to the closing of the Boca Grande bridge due to construction. That would have meant dealing with rough open seas which requires its own special considerations. The bridge changed closure dates caused by their own setbacks which gave us the desired option of running the ICW.

Our port of call for the evening was the St Charles Yacht Club in Fort Myers. We were heartily welcomed there and enjoyed a scrumptious dinner with some snowbird friends from Pennsylvania/Cape Coral.


2 Feb 16: On Our Way - Miami International Boat Show


Grampstr's Pride is on its way to the Miami International Boat Show. After waiting for the fog to lift it was smooth cruising under the Sunshine Skyway bridge working our way to the Venice Yacht Club. Just in time to witness a glorious sunset at the inlet jetty. What a wonderful way to welcome back the beautiful weather.


If your ready for spring break you should consider a charter with us.


Awesome Show - Ft Lauderdale 2014


For the most part the weather for the Fort Lauderdale 2014 show was absolutely amazing and the boats from small, medium, and large were amazing.  We are so glad that we made the trip down to see everyone.

Our original plan was to go from Fort Lauderdale back to St Petersburg by way of the Bahamas.  But with boating, comfort is an extremely important luxury and need. As many of you know, one thing that can effect comfort more than anything is weather.  Unfortunately, this week the weather in the Atlantic and southern tip of Florida was not "fair sea" weather.  The reports of 8-10ft sea swells and high winds made us decide to change our plans and go back though the Okeechobee Canal and north bound to the Endeavour Marina.   Nonetheless, we are excited! It is always fun to go for a boat ride and the Grampstr's Pride is just a wonderful boat. She really is a condo on the water!

As we travel we hope to post some great pictures of our journey!


Inundated with Updates - Thank you for everyones support

Good day everyone!  Thank so much for all of your support, as of today we have about 90 Facebook likes and are growing.  Our blogs are more successful than ever and based on the short term success of the website we have been taking the opportunity to make several updates.  It is our goal to make our website a resource of information for you.

In the coming days we will launch a new mission page and testimonials page.  We are also hoping to have a new updated calendar up and ready.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on our website now is the time to tell us.  We are always looking for ways to improve.

We hope you will contact us soon for a charter too.