Spring Transition 2016: Travel Across Florida

Grampstr's Pride took a leisurely crossing of the state of Florida. The first portion of the journey focused on the treasures of Sarasota: Sarasota Yacht Club, Bird Key Yacht Club, The Field Club Yacht Club and Marina Jacks. Each venue has its own charms and distinctions. The city of Sarasota is expansive and diverse. We did not see anywhere that would classify as 'the bad side of town'. The attractions of this community could keep one busy for weeks. It is hard to choose a single favorite because each area has many highlights.
I do have to admit that The Field Club is my overall personal favorite yacht club in Florida. I love the history. I have an affinity to preserved treasures. The entire staff is dedicated to the satisfaction of its members and guests.  Everyone is made to be felt welcome.  The food is outstanding. Join us sometime on the Grampstr's Pride and find out for yourself!

2 Feb 16: On Our Way - Miami International Boat Show


Grampstr's Pride is on its way to the Miami International Boat Show. After waiting for the fog to lift it was smooth cruising under the Sunshine Skyway bridge working our way to the Venice Yacht Club. Just in time to witness a glorious sunset at the inlet jetty. What a wonderful way to welcome back the beautiful weather.


If your ready for spring break you should consider a charter with us.


Its Been awhile but we have been having fun!!

Good afternoon everyone.  The past several months have been one crazy whirlwind tour that included areas of the Chesapeake Bay all the way back down to the Florida Keys.  They say pictures are worth a 1k words, lets hope this will help show you the great time we have been having.

Over the next several weeks will try to post some updates about what we have been up to.  Lets just say this, as the weather is getting cold and wintery up in the north it is nice and sunny here in the Florida.


6 May 2015: Three Night Stay at Key West

May 3, 2015 to May 6, 2015

Start: Key West Florida Mooring Cove
Finish: Key West Florida, Key West Marina

As we prepared to leave our mooring ball the winds are still gusting to the high 20 knot range, it was another gorgeous day, in the mid 80's with a strong sea breeze.  We are glad we made the decisions to spend extra time checking out Key West, as there are so many things to see!

Key West reminds us of Nantucket, lots of actives; snorkeling and diving, fun shops, too many restaurants to count, as well as lots of  interesting history.  We took a 3 hour tour, and, also we bought tickets to stop at the Earnest Hemingway and the summer White House used by Harry S. Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy and Bill Clinton.  John Kennedy met the prime minister of Great Britain there just 22 days before the Bay of Pigs. Colin Powell used it to negotiate with foreign governments.  The tours were great and we can't wait to share with our charter clients. 

We spent the next day walking Key West with its many shops.  We also took a walk to the Key West Light House and the Marker noting it is only 90 miles to Cuba.

The weather treated us well the next day so we could go to Ft. Jefferson and the Dry Torgugas!

2 May 2015: Marathon Yacht Club to Key West Florida

May 1, 2015

Start: Marathon Yacht Club
Finish: Key West Florida mooring cove

We started the day with mild winds in the 10 to 15 knot range but a beautiful weather in the mid 80's. Just what you like in a southern tropical setting with GEC Charters.

Our cruise over the Key West was smooth with some chop.  The Endeavour Trawler Cats stability always stand out and are know for their comfort!  As we got close to the mooring field the winds picked up to the 25 to 30 knots!  Again the Grampstr's Pride handled the conditions admiralty with little discomfort!  Once moored we settled in for the evening! 

With the winds 25 to 30 knots we knew we could not make the 75 mile trip to the Dry Tortogas  tomorrow, just out of our own comfort.  However, according to weather forecasts we saw the winds were to decrease in 3 days, we decided head to down town Key West and dock at the Key West Marina. 

We have been talking about the weather and wanted to note that the Grampstr's Pride has 3 different sources of marine weather updates.  The US Coast Guard, the SiriusXM Marine Weather, and the best Garmin Open Array Radar with 12 kW of Power with 72 mile range.

Using a consensus of all three we can make the sound safe decisions.  There is no reason to purposely go out in the open seas in bad weather or high seas due to wind!