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Grampstr's Pride Cleaning Solutions

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GEC Charters is happy to have a partnership with Grampstr's Pride Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions.  We believe that Grampstr's pride cleaning products are the best in the boating and recreation industry and are the only ones we use on our Yachts.  Grampstr's pride cleaning solutions can also be used on Recreational Vehicles (RVs), Air Planes, around the house, on automobiles, and unique pet solutions. 

All Grampstr's Pride Products are biodegradable and safe for the environment.

The core products are:

  • Renew: Stainless Steal and Fiber Glass Cleaner
  • eshine: Wash and Wax low suds Cleaner
  • Reflect: Boat And RV Soap Low Suds Cleaner
  • Revive: Leather and Vinyl Cleaner - Conditioner - Rich Leather Scent
  • React:  Enzymatic Holding Tank Treatment
  • Refresh: HE Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent - Designed for RV & Marine Clothes Washers

We hope you will stop by their site and order their products as well!

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