It is our mission to provide customers with an un forgettable experience through education, relaxation, and enjoyment.  It is our goal to provide customers with memories that will last a lifetime and enjoyment that is  unparalleled  by any other charter company.




Although the idea behind GEC Charters, as a company, is to offer a great experience for our travelers and to sell charters on catamaran, we are also trying to provide a service to prospective trawler owners. Joe Chaudoin, Co-owner of GEC Charters, lives by two of his favorite Walt Disney quotes:

"If you can dream it you can do it."
"It is sometimes fun to do the impossible."

Owning the Grampstr's Pride was and is Joe's dream. Along the way he was often told it would either never happen or it was an impossible dream.  With that said our company concept goes beyond just giving our clients a wonderful vacation; our goals are to not only provide a great experience, but also provide the opportunity to educate people on the Trawling lifestyle, rules of the water way, and general trawler ownership.  It is not impossible and if it is your dream we encourage you chase it. 

Although it gives us great joy to see our customers have a wonderful vacation, it brings us equal joy to see our customers go on to enjoy boat and trawler ownership themselves.  This is why we offer two types of charters: the first type of charter is purely for leisure cruising. This includes by week and weekend packages. The second type of charter is geared entirely toward teaching and learning. 

We hope our webpage also conveys this message. It is the reason why we have created two different blogs.  One is about our adventures and our company goings on, while the other is specifically about boat ownership and how we have arrived to the point we are at now - this is encapsulated in the Captains Blog.  

The quotes above embody our ethos as a company and the most important thing to us is that our customers enjoy their experience and have fun.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will charter with us. If you have any questions please contact us.