Ask the Capt: Why do you stay at Yacht Clubs as Instead of Dropping Anchor

This post is to answer a question written on the adventures page about why we stay at Yacht Clubs instead of just dropping anchor. 

First, we want to thank Felix for asking this excellent question. The answer to this question is really not all that difficult, but we thought it would be worth a blog post nonetheless.  The answer is YES, we can absolutely drop anchor out on the water and spend the night or even a week. 

The choice to drop anchor or spend the night out on the water is really up to our clients.  In this case, our clients desired to spend the nights at some great Yacht Clubs. The great thing with choosing to charter is that as a client you get to choose how your experience is shaped.  We do our best to please our clients and give them a great experience.   

If you choose to start out on the water we have state of the art equipment on the Grampstr's Pride to provide some extra comfort while staying out on the open ocean.  The first is our Anchor.  We choose to outfit our boat with an Ultra Anchor. Our anchor has several great features that are exceptional for the seas and bays alike.  The second is our Twin Disc propulsion system, which ensure the boat rests nicely in the waves and gives our clients the peace of mind and comfort they deserve.

We make two promises to our clients: the first is that you will have a unique charter experience; and, the second is the promise that you have the ability to plan your trip.